Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFT Offering somatic psychotherapy to individuals seeking a greater depth of connection to themselves and others. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call! If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals.
Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFTOffering somatic psychotherapy to individuals seeking a greater depth of connection to themselves and others. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call!  If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals. 

I offer powerful tools to feel unstuck and achieve greater happiness mindfully.


Please note, as I teach part of the week, I am only available for private clients certain days/times of the week.  


Even the smallest changes can be difficult to make.  Often, certain problems in our lives seem unsurmountable.  But within the right therapeutic relationship, you can discover new strengths and develop the skills necessary to find solutions and resolve your problems for good.  


I see therapy as an interactive and collaborative process wherein I help clients address any number of issues from addiction to relationship difficulties and everything in between.  I will provide support and feedback to help clients alter long-standing unhealthy emotional and behavioral patterns on their own.  I approach each person with sensitivity, understanding, and respect.  It is not easy to ask for help and I want to honor the courage it takes to simply seek out a therapist in the first place.  Please explore this site for answers to many of the questions you may have about me and my approach or reach me by phone and I will be happy to address any and all concerns.


Rachele Moskowitz


This website is dedicated to the freedom and the joy that comes from self-discovery and personal growth.  It has been my privilege to watch previous clients transform their lives and I have deep respect for these individuals.  It takes compassion and understanding to be a therapist, but it also takes great strength and determination on your part to take the first step toward positive change by asking for help.  

Find out more about me and about the types of therapeutic services offered and whether or not they suit your needs.

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