Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFT Offering somatic psychotherapy to individuals seeking a greater depth of connection to themselves and others. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call! If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals.
Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFTOffering somatic psychotherapy to individuals seeking a greater depth of connection to themselves and others. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call!  If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals. 

Individual Counseling

Life can be full of problems, anxieties, dead-end situations, or just feel empty sometimes. During our individual sessions, I will help you identify and understand your particular situation. Together, we can work on finding the courage to address your problems and initiate positive changes in your life.  I have many years of experience dealing with a wide variety of issues.  My number one priority in therapy is to make a connection with you and to develop a mutually trusting relationship in which you feel comfortable enough to share your private life and work on whatever issues are keeping you from being happy--whoever and however you are.

Where can individual counseling help?

  • Personal enrichment
  • Self-determination
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with chemical and behavioral addictions
  • Dealing with loss and trauma
  • Dealing with low self-esteem

How does it work?
I help people understand their feelings and needs and express them. Together with you, we will develop the steps and daily tools necessary to initiate positive changes in your life.  This can include:

  • Discussing current problems or goals
  • Identifying early problem-solving skills
  • Exploring past experiences and their impact on present situations
  • Examining patterns of relating to others
  • Developing goal-oriented strategies
  • Assessing personal resources
  • Learning tools and techniques for changing old patterns of behavior and implementing decisions and choices


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