Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFT Offering somatic psychotherapy to individuals seeking a greater depth of connection to themselves and others. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call! If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals.
Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFTOffering somatic psychotherapy to individuals seeking a greater depth of connection to themselves and others. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call!  If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals. 

Family Therapy

Inevitably, all families go through times when being in the same room together is a struggle, let alone getting along or seeing eye to eye on important issues.  Oftentimes, it can seem as though this is the fault of one person and their problems.  Maybe your child is becoming an adult and making choices that are difficult to support.  Maybe someone in your family is dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Maybe they have chosen a partner no one else can stand.  It feels like if that one person would just change, then the family would be fine.  Or maybe that person is you!  Perhaps you are tired of feeling like the family scapegoat.  

As much as we are encouraged to be independent individuals, the reality is that we do not exist in a bubble and our choices and actions affect those around us--primarily family members.  If one person in the family is struggling, it is NEVER the sole result of choices they have made.  Engaging in therapy together is an unappealing prospect for most families.  However, in my experience, family therapy, though uncomfortable at times, it is often more rewarding than individual therapy and where I see the most monumental changes made.  Family therapy is not about blaming anyone, it is about finding solutions and ways to find your way back together.

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