Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFT Offering psychotherapy to jumpstart your life and allow you to reconnect to your best self. PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call! If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals. Due to Covid 19, I will see all clients via Telehealth until further notice.
Rachele Moskowitz, MA, LMFTOffering psychotherapy to jumpstart your life and allow youto reconnect to your best self.   PLEASE NOTE: Though I currently only accept a small number of clients, do not hesitate to call!  If I am unable to see you personally, I am happy to provide referrals.Due to Covid 19, I will see all clients via Telehealth until further notice. 


I run a process oriented group and designed to support adult men and women who experienced some form of sexual abuse during childhood.  Group membership is limited to ensure group stability and the comfort of participants.  Multiple topics will be discussed including boundaries, self-esteem, decision making, emotional regulation, intimacy, and co-dependency.  Please call if you are interested! 


I facilitate an ongoing workshop series geared toward helping those interested come to a better understanding of what goes into communicating healthily with others.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who struggles to get their needs met either personally, professionally or both.  You will walk away equipped with new insight into your own interaction style as well as concrete tips and tools essential to improving intimacy, listening skills, and effective communication!


No upcoming workshop dates are scheduled at this time.  Check back or call to inquire further.

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